About Us


The city Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is no doubt one of the most in-demand travel destination for many reasons; the city offers endless shopping, exotic cultural experiences and non-stop sunshine with Golden beaches and leisure activities.

Excite Tourism grew out of our own personal experiences, always with the goal of giving people a chance to go beneath the surface and appreciate the complex culture and beauty of Dubai. More than two decades later, we are still committed to that goal. Whether you prefer to travel with a few others and a guide or set out on your own, we can help make your next visit in Dubai the best you have ever had. 

Excite Tourism is highly professional & passionate Company, offering a complete Travel Management everything from planning to execution of tours. As amateurs in the Travel Retail Management our experience, the spirit of commitment and trust has been a Hallmark since the first day. Excite Tourism ensures to meet each individual client’s requirement and leave no stone unturned in providing services with flexibility and of greater value. With dedicated & professional staff, successful policies, higher values, hard work, strategic marketing, and new risk ventures we continue our eventful journey so that your journey will continue to be memorable.

All of us who make up the team of Excite Tourism are bilingual, have lived and worked in Dubai, and have travelled extensively throughout the country. We specialize in travel in Dubai, and take pride in introducing you to the fascinating variety of cultures and landscapes of this extraordinary country. We take you along quiet country paths to tiny, picturesque attractions, or through ancient neighbourhoods of bustling cities.

We take you into the country not as tourists but as guests who enjoy discovering the beauty of the countryside and exploring the rich cultural heritage of Dubai. If you want to travel independently, we will suggest itineraries, recommend and reserve lodgings, tickets and reservations, arrange for car rental, provide local guides as needed and try to find answers to your special questions. In short, we will do all we can to ensure that you have the great vacation you anticipate.