Have you wondered Can you buy Dinosaur? well in Dubai you can!!!!!

Dinosaur fans it’s your lucky day.

Einstein – the world’s most complete Brontosaurus Skeleton – is currently on sale on Dubizzle.

The description on the classified section reads: ‘This is a once in a 150 million year lifetime opportunity. Asking Price: Dhs88,000,0000 or $24,000,000.00 (Shipping & Handling included).’

The ad was posted in Dubai on June 6 and goes on to describe how Einstein ‘is the largest Apatosaurus fossil (85% complete) in the world’.

If you manage to bag this buy, it’s something to shout about as it was found only 10 years ago at the Dana Quarry site in Wyoming, USA.

The Skeleton weighs a 4.5 tons and is 3.6metres tall, 23metres in length.

So could this be too good to be true dino enthusiasts? Apparently an authenticity certificate by the CEO of the Houston Museum of Natural Science can prove this is the real deal.

The post goes on to describe how it’s worth investing in, due to a similar purchase 18 years ago.

‘Sue, an excavated T-Rex fossil, much smaller in size, was purchased in 1997 for $8.3Million by the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. According to the Field Museum’s President John McCarter, Sue attracted over 16 million visitors between 2000 and 2010; and with a ticket price of $15 the total revenue generated was equivalent to $240Million,’ the poster mentions in the descriptions after suggesting institutions and collectors will benefit from the buy as much as individuals.

The condition of Einstein is described as ‘perfect inside out’ and ‘used only a few times’ before only those who register serious interest are asked to contact the owner on a local mobile number.

Finally the release of Jurassic World is sited as the perfect reason for museum and mall buyers to cash in on the dino-mania, ending ‘Einstein’s value will continue to be immeasurable with time’.

Source : http://goo.gl/SKr3yZ

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